If you are considering taking one of our moving water / white water courses, you need to perfect your strokes. Just paddling a canoe for ten years, or having a long list of canoe trips or rapids you've run isn't going to do it. To gain the technical skills for accurate manoeuvers in aggressive whitewater you need skilled instruction, feedback from an expert, and practise. The foundation of these skills is gained in the calm, controlled environment of flat water. The effort you spend building this foundation will pay big dividends when you hit the moving water skills courses! For those who are not interested in white water, this course will provide you the solid skills for travelling in shield country lakes safely and efficiently.

Pre-requisite Skills

Since this is only a short school it is very important to came with the required skills in order to allow the school to run smoothly. These are the prerequisites:

You are a good swimmer and are not afraid of water; you have your Paddle Canada Advanced Lake Water Certification or equivalent; you are in fairly good physical condition.

Course Goals

Participants paddle with a partner on open lake waters and perform skills and manoeuvres with greater refinement and demonstrate confidence in open water environments. Candidates will develop greater awareness of environmental hazards and how to avoid/react to those hazards.

Testing Terms

Safety Knowledge: canoe over canoe rescue, know how to do rescue breathing both from land and from a canoe, organizing a group for maximum safety, rescue techniques.

Strokes: both solo and tandem strokes in the bow and stern.

Demonstrate: straight line paddling both on calm weather and wind, your ability to use different strokes, teaching techniques.

Other: canoe and environmental ethics, group management, judgement skills, emergency planning and procedures.

Cost & Dates

This course is being offered by custom instruction only. If you have a group who is interested, please contact us. We can help set up dates and an instructor.