With a group size of 5 or more, we can customize the dates and the content of this program to suit your needs. Please contact us for a quote that exactly fits your needs.

Because this area is so unique and so fragile, the Saskatchewan Government preserved it as a Wilderness Park. On the wilderness trip you'll get to hike through an area unique to North America. You'll get to stand on top of the largest sand dunes on the continent. You'll see plants that only grow here. You'll understand why the Athabasca Sand Dunes Wilderness Area is being protected. 


In the northwest corner of Saskatchewan, along the south shore of Lake Athabasca is an area unique to North America. The Athabasca Sand Dunes boasts the largest area of sand dunes and the biggest sand dunes in North America. You'll think you've somehow ended up in northern Africa. It was a long float plane ride. Hmmm?

The group with fly from Saskatoon to Uranium City where the group will be driven across Lake Athabasca.The group will spend several days hiking to the largest dunes. Then you'll return to the shores of Lake Athabasca to await a ride back across Lake Athabsca to Uranium city.

$4295.00 Canadian These prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to GST.

July 22 to 29, 2020. With a group of 5 or more we can customize the dates to suit your schedule.

Please apply for trip before June 19, 2018

The total fee for the expedition is $4295.00 Canadian plus 5% GST.

Please include a $800 deposit with your application. We accept a cheque, Master Card or Visa. This fee is non-refundable less than one month prior to the start of the expedition. The balance is due before the start of the expedition. This may be paid in our office in Missinipe or by mail or telephone.


Day 1
Arrive in Saskatoon. You will need catch the Pronto Air flight to Uranium City at 7:00 AM. The flight arrives in Uranium City at 11:30 AM. Your guide will join you on the flight in Prince Albert. Upon arrival in Uranium City, the group will meet Dean Klassen. Dean will drive the group to Lake Athabasca, one of the world’s largest lakes. Dean will launch his boat and take you across Lake Ath- abasca to Thomson Bay. After getting organized and setting up camp you will spend the rest of the day hiking to get your first glimpses of the sand dunes.

Day 2 to 7
There are numerous day and overnight hikes to choose from. You may hike to the petrified forest or to the William River. Or to the largest sand dunes in North America. Or just wander around finding some of the indigenous plants that grow in the area. There are many possibilities, all depending on what the group wants to do

Days 7/8
Depending on the weather, Dean will either arrive the afternoon of Day 7 or the early morning of Day 8 to take the group back across the lake to Ura- nium City. If he arrives on Day 7, the group will spend the night in one of Dean’s houses. Then on Day 8 Dean will drive you to the Airport to catch your flight back to Saskatoon.