Custom Canoe Adventures

Lake paddling

Every day during the summer groups start and end canoe trips through our Missinipe base. Our Missinipe office is canoe trip central for Northern Saskatchewan. Thousands of paddlers stop in every summer and we help them have an awesome time on their canoe trip. That’s what our business is all about! Every group asks different things of us. They ask everything from only a bit of information to complete outfitting and guiding for their trip.

Here’s a list of what we can provide:

  • Complete outfitting and guiding (we look after every detail, you just need to show up).
  • Canoes, paddles and life jackets (along with ropes and bailers)
  • Waterproof canoe barrels
  • Other equipment like tarps, fireboxes, pots, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents, etc.
  • Satellite phones or Inreach devices
  • Route information
  • Canoe maps
  • Transportation (either ground or air)
  • Emergency contact
  • Canoe instruction before the trip
  • Cabins or Paddlers Hostel before and/or after the trip
  • Guide or Instructor
  • A place to tell stories after the trip

Let us know how we can help you make your canoe trip the best adventure ever.

Ric showing a map to customers

More about Complete Outfitting and Guiding

There is something very attractive of being looked after. You just need to show up. That's why all-inclusive resorts are so popular. The resort takes the stress and worry off the experience. You only need to relax. That’s the way our completely outfitted trips are.

You arrive in Missinipe. We have a cabin for you for that first night. The guide brings over a waterproof pack to repack your clothing and equipment into. The guide will go over your stuff with you if you like to make sure have all you need.

Then, the next morning after breakfast, the transportation to the start of the canoe trip is all arranged. All the delicious food full of variety and snacks is packed. The guide knows all the best places to camp. The guide knows the rapids and the portages. The food is lovingly prepared for you. You can be as involved as you want to be. Your only task is to relax, to paddle, and to help with the portaging. Everything else is up to you.

CRCO can take you down any river and any route in the northern part of the province. We have experience on all of them. We can help you decide where you would like our guides to take you. We can help you pick the perfect route for you to experience your heart’s desire. Book a trip with us. You won’t be disappointed.