Our Tenth Annual Whitewater, held in June 2018, was a huge success.

We are very excited to announce our Eleventh Annual 2019 Whitewater Festival, happening June 28 to July 1, 2019!

Stay tuned for more information.

Whitewater Festival 2019 is happening June 28 to July 1!

Make sure you get your tickets in advance. We have a limited number and would enjoy having you here!

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General Information

The Whitewater Festival, hosted by Churchill River Canoe Outfitters, occurs the last weekend in June. The weekend is full of people running awesome waves and trying new things. Don't know if you have what it takes? Don't worry! There will be plenty of knowledgeable people willing to teach you how to get on that wave you have been eyeing up. Some may even take you with them! This event is fun for the entire family. The weekend also includes a supper and band on Barker Island.

Generally people paddle upstream, about 3 hours from the boat launch at Devil Lake, and camp close to the main base, Barker Island. We will have motorboat shuttles available for hire to bring people, playboats, and gear upstream. More information about this is posted in the "Prices" tab.